Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obstacle ~

people said that the period that i am going through right now is gonna be hard..
i guess u never know how hard it is untill u've actually experienced it..
thinking of getting married..yes i am with no doubt can say that i am indeed very happy...
but when actually facing the actual situation..
there's more obstacle than u can ever imagine..
preparing for it..things to be done...
people's feeling to be considered..
my own feeling of being scared..
everything could lead to one big chaos..

truth to be told..
i can't say i wanted to be married because i wanted to be happy..
because i've witness myself that there is so many obstacle in marriage..
but i wanted a family to come home to..a family that i build myself....
and so i hope as time passes i am more capable..

insyallah ~

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