Friday, August 24, 2012

Are you happy?

why don't you try harder?

Am i happy?

or the big question i ready?

Am i being greedy for chasing this dream..or am i doing this for the sake of other's.
what do i want from my life?
do i really want to cross that bridge?
Am i sane or sick or unstable for having so many question...
can i actually get through...can We..

why is it so hard...did everyone go through this..
for writing all these question that popped through my head..
sometimes...not sometimes maybe most of the time i'm having a break down..
Listening, knowing, living, mature and experiencing..
i know others also have this doubt..
gone through the same or maybe worst obstacle..
but they continue to fight...
it's not the question that you should think of..but the solution to the question...

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