Wednesday, March 7, 2012

once upon a time..
there goes...hahah..
i never would have think that finance was a burden...
but as i am getting near..and near to having my own family..
finance was a nightmare..
thinking bout it was a burden..
sometimes i just wish i could stop thinking bout it..
and i am not even there yet..

who said love is enough?
no money life miserable..when life is more love..ohoo..
i guess we will make it through this financial tsunami...
the first step are always hard right..

i soo wanted that financial freedom that my sister lecture me about..
i'll put more effort into the business after this..
i need some booster !!

1 comment:

Ija Abdullah said...

u'll get the booster this weekend, ok? no worries, insyaAllah mmg blh buat.. with ur gorgeous sister's help! :D