Sunday, November 6, 2011

AIdilaDha 2011

i guess its been a year since the last EID...
like last year..masrah still spent her EID at my house..
it seems like it was just a couple months back since the last EID..
time sure does move faster..

My parents just build a new here goes...

n masrah...this year its just her n me..

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owh..n tgk..mama smangat nk pasang langsir kat pagola tuh...

selamat ari raya korban..=)
for the last one year..
its been great..n unexpected...


Ija said...

err... bile plak ni? brp juta? letak kat mana?

can't you just take thepicture of that pergole without models? i wanna see the details but was deeply disturbed by the posing thingy. :P

mieya said...

baru siap shari sbelum raya haji..mama psiko tukang tuh suh siapkn jugak smpai mlm raya dye kene kijee...elooo...without me in the pic..the pagola x nmpak lawa laa...haha...err...bape jutaa tnye mak awk la..