Thursday, August 11, 2011

BeinG aLoNe...

today i went to the baazar ramadhan alone...
since my parents are not home
the whether was not hot as usual..
it was pouring rain...
it does not make going to the bazar alone any better..
growing up...i am used to be alone...since i'm the last child..
being at home alone..
i like it though..
but lately i let myself sorrounded by people...
i hardly get to spent an alone time...

after baazar...i went to giant...
buying a few grocerries and i end up buying this bju tytoo..
i likeee it!!!

here it is...huhu..n it only cost...9.99...mcm langsir pon adee kn..

after that..since its still early to go home..
i end up getting myself a hair cut..
done !!

overall...i like going out alone..
i can go wherever i want...
drive without anyone nagging..
n buy anytin i wanted...of course dat is not possible since i hav no money..


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