Thursday, May 26, 2011

mY hearT skips a bEat..

how should i say this...
things happen in a way that i never did imagine..
i think that sometimes..
these thing happens too fast..
n i don't seem too have time catching upon my breath..

i'm trying too hard..
way hard too make things work..
sometime i neglected my ego n what i used to stand for..
it feels like a little girl craving for attention..

upon all the decision that i've taken..
i hope to make the best of this..
i've given a chance in a lifetime for redemption..
which i did not seems to make an effort for it..
i need a glance of redemption...
i need a better me..

1 comment:

Ija said...

yup.. i need a better little sister too... hmmmpp..

adik, apa kata awak belanja k ja "dry cabinet" to store my new DSLR. Then, i guarentee u can be a better u. :D