Thursday, April 14, 2011

people say never put your expectation too high..
or you'll end up realizing that high hope was nothing but a piece of shit..opps...
i guess i had always told that too myself..
but somehow..
i myself end up placing a high expectation onto something that wasn't a sure..
and yet...
like the saying goes...
i end up realizing that it was just a piece of...*** u know...

again with what the people say..
they said slows and steady wins the race..
i hated slow and steady..
i'm lack of patients..
i'm lack of emotion..
i'm lack of a lot of things in every way..
so i don't want it to be slow n steady..
i wanted it to be fast and still manage to be on the right tract..
i dun wanna be like everyone else..
i wanted to be the exception..can i??

everyone wanted to be a better person..
it's scary when u realize that..
u are getting very far from better...

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