Saturday, March 19, 2011

OutbReak and reBound~

if i were to be given a chance to do it all over again..
so much that i wanted to do all over again..
so much that i wish to erase..
so much that i wish never happen..
but if i were to change everything..
things would never turns out how its turns out today..
if it were to be a words that could be describe about the past..
it would best be JOURNEY...
it should be best to be left as memories..
sealed tightly as part of the occurance..

as i watch the world passed by..
as i watch the people in it plays its own role in its own drama..
cruel, arrogant, selfish, hipocrits..
people are design and designated to play all those part in this world..
it's not them to blame..
as i'm making my own self reflect..
i am the same..
we are all just the same..

as the world spins around..
though i still do not know my purpose..
as i seat here thinking what else could go wrong..
i'm believing that things happens for a reason..
how things turns out...can move all my doubt to believe..
i would't change a thing...


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