Monday, January 3, 2011


my cuusin just pass away yesterday..
he's 24..male..
n he got intoo an accident with a lorry...
Al-fatihah to him..
the fact that just in a second..
you could loose your life..
it scares me..
the fact that sometime when it comes to the question..
whether or not i'm prepared for those day after my death..
i'm scared of soo many thing..
for sure..
the fact that i should be more aware of death n start to get closer to my creator..

this cuzin of mine...
we used to be closed...
i used to watch him grow up while we were little..
we all use to play together at grandma's..
we all used to be really closed..
n the fact that i could not recall what i used to call him..
shows how much my family has grew apart..
the fact that those good moments had only become memories.
that scares me..

what if..
the same goes our my children..
what if one day...our children realize the same things..
that what they used to had as a kid..
just a part of memory..
n we end up making the same mistake as them..

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