Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 1 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

1.i have a super owesome cute and loud voice....orang yang jaoh 100 km pon leh dgr...haha..

2.i love kids but only if they are bound by blood to me...ank cdare sndirik gua layan...ank org x knal...sorry k..

3.i'm scared of change and loosing...soo..sbb tuh ah tukar cadar jarang2 kot...(x sukee perubahan..)

4.i am a shopaholic...i'm filing for bankruptcy this sem b'coz of my addiction..

5.i have a big closet full of never worn clothing.

6.i have a super psychotic, crazy, fun and awesome sisters...

7.i don't believe in love but i think it's a's can't live without it..

8.i hate people updating long and annoying or relationship status on i really care..

9.i try hard not to do what i dislike...n i try hard to keep up my promise..

10. i somehow wanted to dyed my hair red but i think dat is super ridiculous..

11.i love cats but only my cats..kuceng org len x men yerr..

12.i love travelling...

13.i love making decision and having the authorities of making the decision..

14.i love being the centre of attention..kalu syer tgah ckp sila dgr n pandang mukee neh yer..

15.lastly,i'm a super nice person with a good heart...haha..(sukee ati lar nk letak apee pon hakikat neh...ako memng bek ati...)


pss-kalu x larat nk bacee next post...pakse2 lar diri tuh yer...

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