Thursday, January 20, 2011

and i call this as "sarcastic"

so it's just the same...
each of us..
we are all the same..
we say we love each other..
we say we are better..
we say we can do better..
we say we will never become like that..
we said we are far from that..
we said we are the exception and we are different..

in the end..
we end up being just the same..
doing what we said we never will..
being the person that we dislike..
walking in the shoes of the person that we used to hated..
we r just the same.
a bunch of fools..
who talks too much..
making the same mistakes over and over..
things with benefit..
human only sees the benefit behind everything..

we are all the same..
as we speaks..
as we act..
as we move..
note that..
human are twisted..


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