Thursday, December 2, 2010

"the people who laugh too hard are the one's who experienced too much pain"
on likes on facebook....
fb had become soo damn boring..
no notification even showed up on my homepage..
n becoz i'm soo soo booring..
i go through all my likes list..
n to tell u the truth..
my likes list...
are reaally emotional..
i mean..
i only likes those with emotional stuff...
like.."always n forever are over","sometimes life needs an undo button"..
n many more stupidly emotional stuff..
u guys should check out my likes list...muahaha...
what on earth is wrong with me...??

there's this one likes that i luvv soo much..
here goes..
"some people are only alive because it is illegal to kill"
i wonder how many people i will kill, if killing were to be legal..
thousands maybe..
but most of all..
i think i won't live that long to have killed that many people..
if killing is legal..
Many people would have been dying to kill me..
i'm being extremly ridiculous n mengarot..



harry328 said...

totally karut.XD

mieya said...

ahaa...taw x pee...sila sekeh syerr lajoo2!!