Thursday, November 11, 2010

Might or MigHT not be...

i woulD like to write something...
but in a way i can't seems to be putting those thoughts in words..
who wouldn't wanna be different...
i might have thoughts about things a bit differently..
i might have not like what humanly a person should like..
i might have get annoyed with a lot of things..
or i might have had a lot of things to said to someone..
for a milions times..
i might have thought into yelling in front of somebody's face and never did i got the guts to do it..
for a thousand times..
i might have thoughts that people are selfish and just make other people's day more miserable than ever...but i never have the guts to said it directly to their faces...
i might have been talking about people a lot from my point of view but i do at da same time try to judge myself...
i might had get irritated easily....
i might not be as caring as i should be..
i might be the last person u wanna consult when u feel like talking bout relationship..
i might not be smiling to see people as ridiculous as they can be but i myself are more ridiculous than ever..

i might not know how to react when dealing with heartbreaking news or anything..
i'm a person who did things accordingly..
react wisely..
humanly possible so that u are able to fit into this world..
filling the idea of perfection..
so i did it..
be nice..
be polite..
thats who i am..
what i am..
atleast for now...
you can't never stop your brain into thinking right..
i mean..
there might be atleast one horrible thoughts in your head right..
even if you were to be the nicest person o planet earth..

plezz tell me i'm ot thinking too much..!!


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