Monday, October 4, 2010

Down tHe memOry LanE~

you know how a certain song makes u remind of sumone or any sequence of events..
i actually begin browsin my playlist n started listening to all those old song....
n sum new song alsoo....
here goes...

hilang dalam ramai-EXIST-
-an old first love-

-an unkept promises-

lucky-jason mraz feat colbie calilat-
-da feeling at night before going to bed during my matriculation-

takkan melupakan mu-RADJA-
-first time moving to kb and the feelin when u r a stranger-

wavin flag-world cup song-
sumone during my time of being PPSL

pujaan hati-KanGen BAND-
the person giving this song to me

150 juta-flynn jamal-
remind me of hazwanita abdul halim...ntah knapee...eheh..

if you're not the one-daniel bedingfield-
morning breeze and cold n dark sky in uncle sam's van on the way to SMKARt...

sorry seems to be the hardest words-elthon john-
a long lost friendship...i'm sorry...

vanilla twilight
ice blended white coofee...driving alone...a sense of calmness...

when i look at you-miley cyrus-
a dreams

let's just fall in love again-jason castro-
hope...i guess...

how to save a life-the fray-
my whole form 3....i guess i've erased a lot of those memories..

smile-uncle kracker-
i'm glad i have lots of people around me dat make me smilee......



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