Thursday, June 3, 2010


peOple says happiness is an illusion...
it begins with happiness..
or it may ends with happiness too..
but..there's sumtin in da middle..
which is soo hard to get trough..

people say...da less u know da better..
the less u know..
less worries..
n less pain it will cause u...
as life goes..
as we get olderr..
as people around u grew up n start living their on life..
n as u begin to understand this world..
there u see it..
it is not as easy as it seems..

we may create a perfect image..
but underneath it..
there lies a thousand broken strings..
which we pretend not to notice..
n ignoring it..
but untill when??
we all know we r not like we used to be..
n we can never go back to da old days...

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