Sunday, April 18, 2010

bLOg tAgginG???...jwB jerk la...

hoho..tatkala da abesh pekse anatomy n physio yg ntah apew dijwb tadik neh...nk release tencen sat..eh2...apekah??

You Can Only Type One Word Answers For Each Question!(woh..sgt mencabar juge...uhu...)

Copy this questionnaire and paste as a new post. Then change the answers to suit you and tag others or encourage others to try this One Word Answer meme themselves.
Remember: one word answers only!

1. Where is your mobile phone? meja
2.Your significant other? ????
3. Your hair? black
4. Your favorite thing? shopin
5. Your dream last night? happy
6. Your favorite drink? cofee
7. Your dream goal? kawen...(hoho..gatal)
8. The room you’re in? order
9. Your ex? foget
10. Your fear? losing...
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? succesful..
12. Where were you last night? home
13. What you’re not? everytin
14. Muffins? nyummy!!!
15. One of your wish list items? fairytale...(boleh???...)
16. Where you grew up? kUantan
17. The last thing you did? exam
18. What are you wearing? clothes...
19. Your favorite TV Show? banyak!!!
20. Your pets? Tipah....(wink3..)
21. Your Computer/Laptop? lembubbbbb......
22. Your life? gUmbirA..
23. Your mood? undEfine...(bawu pas amik exam an...heee)
24. Missing someone? yup!!
25. Your car? viva...(eh2..bkn kete abah ker???...ngee)
26. Something you’re not wearing? boxer??
27. Favorite store? food
28. Like someone? yeah
29. Your favorite color? white..
30. When is the last time you laughed? sesaat......(cmane nk ckp baru jer tadi neh??...)
31. Last time you cried? secret....
32. Who will post this? sape2.....
33. Were you able to answer ALL of the questions with ONE word answers? hoho...lihat n judge ler...

Malas nak tag..sape2 rase sudi silakan la.....peace!


Ct SoLeHa said...

nak taye ..camne nak tag kalo kat blog??

Mohd LukMan said...

eh eh.. bukan ans must 1 word cam byk je.. hoho

sy de kucing nama dia SALMAH.. haha

Mohd LukMan said...

hmmm.. like someone??

mieya said...

hahak..tuh ah pasal...byk pikiran2 smpingan..ngee~~ sumone??edward cullen can...wee...

Mohd LukMan said...

ekeleh.. mamat jambu tuh gak dia nak.. koya je.. huh
sya g baik.. huh ;p

mieya said...

hahak..knapekah rmai x puas ati ngan dye???tidakkk!!apew sala dye....