Wednesday, December 23, 2009

reSult revIews...tet...~

uh...reviewing my result???
should i even do that???u know....due to da fact dat my result is damnly sucks..
opppsy..sory to use dat word...
my feelin after knowin my result??i guess in a way..i'm not dissapoited..
y????let me tell u y..
i am tired of working very hard n studying my whole life..
my goal get into a university...
n i got for my first sem..
i decided to take things lightly...n i did...
no more waking up n opening books rite away..
just go out n hav fun..
hannging out...,laugh n happy...
dats wat i did in my first sem......
i more pressure!!!! i dun hav to be da long as i maintain an ok grades aite...above 3....enough for me to furthur stady......
its tiring to study all da time n to become a geek..
well i'm not exactly dat type of person..
but i remember in matrix..
i am dat person..
waking up early...going to class...n rite after class catching up my study..
n go to bed at 12...n da same routine da next monin.....n i dun even get 4 flat!!
dat do not mean dat i will not study hard..
but i'm giving myself a little break..
but i think i'm gonna study a little bit harder next sem than dis sem..
need to raise my grades a little bit...
heeee~ still tinkin of studyin..uh!!!
enough..i wanna enjoy my day off dat is left..........lalalala~

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